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              1.    Coil line
                Coil line
                  Product Description:

                    ZYW44NC-school level shear begins production line of metal reel material for essays, school level, shear, Heaps expected, packed portfolio processing equipment. Feeding from cars, uncoiler, primer feeder, crude schools plane, and flying machine, measuring devices, Wang shear, slitting machine, precise machine, Crib Feeder, pinch roller and the live presentation devices single component. Its products are widely used in vehicles, containers, household appliances, food packaging, construction, shipbuilding, boiler manufacturing sheet metal processing industries. Our company produce a lot of school shear production lines in the synthesis of the current stand-alone similar foreign products of advanced structure, centralized control computer, a sheet feeding can automatically open a book, rough school, shear, stacking processes with a high degree of automation, high efficiency, high accuracy the advantages.