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              1. Profile

                Changzhi zhiye machine tool co., ltd is a design and manufacture enterprise for engaging metal forming machinery, large and medium size metal construction components, electric and mechanic products of coal mine, etc. . The main products are plate benders, tube and pipe benders, angle rollers, plate leveling machine, cut-to-length production line, anti burst equipment of mine.
                  Our company has powerful technology and full range of processing facility. We have a research center of fabricating and metal-forming, and skilful workers, senior technicians. So, we can provide high quality and full applicability technical propose and products to meet the customer’s requirement.
                  We have passed ISO9001 2008 quality management system, and gained also quality licence for export product . We have not only developed domestic market, but also penetrated in international market, we have exported our products to many countries and districts such as Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, Vietnam, etc. . Our corporate philosophy is creative and customer oriented.